Leading the way with Bitcoin Lightning POS and merchant Apps

Welcome to the new era of bitcoin payments

Rodpay is a pioneering company dedicated to facilitating Bitcoin transactions for merchants through the innovative Bitcoin Lightning Network. Our offerings include POS devices, as well as versatile apps capable of transforming smartphones into efficient POS terminals. We Provide a robust API that empowers online stores to seamlessly integrate Bitcoin payment acceptance into their systems, providing customers with a convenient and secure way to make transactions
Welcome to RodPay: The future of bitcoin payments. Experience the pinnacle of efficiency with our advanced lightning platform, crafted for seamless, secure transactions. Join now and take your payment process to lightning speed. Try It free

Manage your sales with ease and at no cost with our online RodPay platform.

At RodPay, we understand the importance of efficient and accessible sales management. That’s why we offer our completely free online platform designed to manage and monitor all sales made through our POS devices, both physical and mobile applications.
Our online platform is not just a tool; it’s a strategic ally in the growth of your business.No matter where you are, you’ll have access to a clear and up-to-date view of your transactions. Whether you manage a single point of sale or an entire network, our solution adapts to your needs, providing a detailed analysis of your business operations.”
RodPay: Streamline your sales management effortlessly. Our free online platform seamlessly integrates with all Rodpay POS devices, offering real-time, comprehensive insights into your transactions. Tailored for any business size, it’s not just a tool but a strategic ally for your growth, accessible anywhere, anytime.

Transform your business with RodPay effortless sales management and unmatched control

With RodPay, managing your sales is easier, more efficient, and cost-effective. We invite you to experience the freedom and control that our free online platform can provide. Join the community of businesses that are already transforming their way of operating with RodPay!

Your financial control center for unprecedented business management.

“With RodPay, you get more than just a payment method; you receive a command center for your business. Our platform provides a complete summary of transactions, a general control panel for a comprehensive view of your operations, the flexibility to make withdrawals at any time, and the ability to monitor amounts per shift and specific sales for each POS. All designed to give you total control and the clarity you need to lead your business with success and efficiency.”
RodPay: Your business command center. Gain total control with our platform’s comprehensive transaction summary, intuitive control panel, and real-time monitoring of sales and shifts. Effortlessly manage withdrawals and get the clarity you need for business success

RodPay POS

The comprehensive solution for your business

Discover the comfort and efficiency you’ve always wanted with RodPay POS devices. Our technology not only provides you with a fast and secure payment system but also comes with fully integrated software and the ability to print paper receipts instantly.
Do your customers prefer a physical receipt? With RodPay, that’s not a problem. Our POS devices are designed with versatility and your business needs in mind. With just one click, generate detailed and professional receipts that meet both legal requirements and your customers’ preferences.
Ideal for shops, restaurants, markets, and more, our POS devices allow you to take your business into the future without neglecting the importance of a physical receipt. The perfect combination of advanced technology and traditional functionality makes RodPay POS the ideal choice for businesses that value efficiency and customer satisfaction.
Experience the ultimate in payment processing with Rodpay POS devices: fast, secure, and equipped with integrated software for instant paper receipt printing. Tailored for versatility, they effortlessly produce detailed receipts, meeting both legal and customer needs. Perfect for any retail or hospitality setting, RodPay combines cutting-edge technology with the essential functionality of traditional receipting, ensuring efficiency and enhanced customer satisfaction.

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Transform your smartphone into a POS terminal with RodPay!.

Ready to take your business to the next level? With RodPay, your phone becomes the most powerful tool in your store. Download our free app for Android and iOS now and start experiencing the future of POS payments! No hidden costs, no complications: just download, set up, and start making transactions like never before. Whether you’re in a café or a stylish boutique, RodPay turns every smartphone into a fast and secure point of sale. Don’t wait any longer! Discover the freedom and flexibility that RodPay brings to your business.
Upgrade your business effortlessly with RodPay: Turn your phone into a POS with our free app. Simple, fast, and secure transactions at your fingertips.

Most market-leading Bitcoin Lightning wallets are compatible with our platform


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Leading the way with Bitcoin Lightning POS and Merchant Apps

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