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1. Box content

After opening the box, Check the components. If it’s lack of any one or product descripition appears missing pages and other serious impact on reading. Please Contact The Seller.
ItemModel /SpecQuantity
Smart POSZ921 pcs
Printer paper57(width)* 40(<=40mm)1 pcs
Charger5V /2A1 pcs
Usb charging cableType-C1 pcs
User Guide/1 pcs

2. Instructions of appearance


3. Quick entry

4. User manual

  • Powering on and shutting down the terminal Power On: Press and hold the power button ubntill the LCD screen lights up. Then release the button ; the terminal will start up. Shutdown : Press and hold the power button until you see a prompt to shut down the system. Click Off to initiate the shutdown process.
  • Swipe contactless card Touchscreen
Put the contactless card into the terminal area, you can finish swiping card immediately.
  • Printer The printer print the purchase order once the transaction is completed.
  • Charging the Terminal Battery Use the USB cable provided with the machine to connect the terminal to a charger. This will allow you to charge the terminal’s bettery. If you plan to store the terminal for an extended period, It’s recommended to shut down the terminal and charge it once every three month to maintain battery health.

5. Guidelines for using Lithium battery

6. Warranty card

Warranty card

Device Model
Customer’s Name
Device Recipient
Customer Address
Contact Number
Serial Number
Date of Purchase

Post-sale Service Record

DateService DetailsTechnicianUser’s Signature


  • Warranty Period : The device corns with a free warrenty valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.
  • Exception : The warranty does not cover damages caused by natural disasters, fires or issues resulting from self-modification or misuse of the device.
  • Scope : The free warranty service only applies to the original parts as configured at the time of purchase.
  • Requirements : Warranty service will not be provided if the initial warranty card or the seal from the sales unit is missing.

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