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Response: Bitcoin Lightning is a layer-2 scaling solution for faster and cheaper transactions on the Bitcoin network. Our POS system leverages this technology to enable merchants to accept Bitcoin payments seamlessly, providing instant confirmations and reducing transaction fees.
Response: We offer both dedicated POS devices and versatile apps that transform smartphones into POS terminals. The dedicated POS devices are ideal for traditional setups, while the app solutions provide flexibility for on-the-go and smaller businesses.
Response: Security is our top priority. Our POS systems adhere to industry-leading encryption standards, ensuring the secure processing of Bitcoin transactions. Additionally, we continuously update our systems to stay ahead of potential security threats.
Response: Yes, we provide easy-to-use APIs for a smooth integration process.
Response: Our management portal allows merchants to monitor and control all selling points from a centralized location. You can track transactions, and customize settings. Additionally, you can choose where you want your received Bitcoins to be directed.
Response: Absolutely. Our dedicated customer support team is available to assist with any issues or questions you may have. We provide comprehensive resources, guides, and responsive support to ensure a smooth experience.
Response: Yes, our API enables easy integration into online stores. This allows your customers to make Bitcoin payments seamlessly when shopping online.
Response: We charge a fixed fee for every transaction, you can find the details of this pricing in the fee section of this web page..
Response: Currently, we focus on supporting Bitcoin payments. However, we are actively exploring options to integrate other Bitcoin based on market demand and technological feasibility.
Response: Yes, our POS system is designed to be used globally. Whether you operate a local business or have an international presence, our system supports transactions in various regions. Please check for specific details regarding regulatory compliance in your target locations.


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